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  • Dental Hygiene

    Oral hygiene is one of the most crucial disciplines of dentistry which is largely overlooked and underestimated by general population. Considering education a critical instrument to enlighten each and every patient at ToothCare, our team aims to achieve a bigger goal of reaching out to our society.

    Oral hygiene involves the health and maintenance of supporting structures of teeth (GUMS AND BONE) to enable teeth to work as one unit in the oral cavity. Oral health is not limited to cleaning teeth but also about maintaining surrounding/supporting tissues. This not only enables you to look and feel good but good oral hygiene improves your self-esteem enabling you to keep your teeth for life adding up to your general well-being.

    Daily dental care including proper brushing and flossing, will help stop problems before they develop and are much less painful, expensive, and worrisome and can be treated and controlled at an initial stage of gum disease.

    Our dentists/hygienist are oral health experts who can point out to the areas of your mouth that may require extra attention and teach you the correct oral hygiene techniques and good home care that can help you develop effective habits contributing to your overall health and make your smile even brighter. An effective tooth brushing technique and regular flossing can save your teeth for a long time.


    Inflammation of gums is caused by a thin film of plaque formed by bacteria that build up. This plaque hardens to become calculus also called tartar, which irritates the gums and causes recession. This leads to periodontitis which in turn leads to pocket formation and loss of teeth. Active periodontal treatment will arrest the progression of gum disease and control the situation from further progression.

    Our in house dentist trained under a specialist periodontist is also a hygienist and has an experience in providing active treatment of gum disease. The signs of gum disease are as follows:

    * Red, swollen, tender, painful or bleeding gums

    * Shrunk/recessed gums

    * Persistent bad breath

    * Bad taste in mouth

    * Change in fit of dentures

    * Loose tooth/teeth

    * Progressing gaps between teeth

    If you think you have any of the above signs please consult one of our dentists to have a comprehensive examination and discussion.

  • Open from Monday - Friday at 8am to 5pm, Saturdays on appointment only.
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