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    Veneers are the way to go if you want colour stability in your fillings for your front teeth for a long time. Over the years the popularity of veneers have been steadily growing and they are extremely famous today for the aesthetic value and long term success at a rate of 98% (5 years) and a 95% (10-15 years).

    Veneers are a porcelain laminate on the outer surfaces of your front teeth, created in a computer controlled laboratory to match and enhance your facial profile, skin tone and smile – improving your overall look. In our experience we have evidenced the acceptance of veneers by our patients increasing with time. The advanced bonding technology we use for the veneers results in a bond as strong as the natural tooth on the enamel.

    We at ToothCare WeCare take a lot of pride in educating before and after care and follow up.


    Human teeth have a lot of importance and function from chewing food to maintaining facial profile. They handle a lot of grinding forces when we chew different food with different textures from hard to soft. These along with trauma, age, tooth decay, large filling, root canal treatment, etc, will chip and crack teeth due to wear and tear over time. An artificial crown over these teeth will reinforce and strengthen those teeth enabling people to retain the teeth for a longer time which will distribute stress preventing further tooth and bone loss. Crowns and bridges are porcelain caps on teeth which can withstand all forces in the oral cavity and distribute them.

    We at ToothCare have embraced technology and instead of taking an impression the dentist scans the prepared tooth with a highly precise camera scanner. The information is then uploaded into our design software. Digital scans determine the size and shape of the dental crown and also as it is computerized the product is a precise fit to the tooth. The dental crown is created out of a single piece of porcelain using our in-house milling machine.

    With this technology, there is no waiting for a final crown to arrive from a lab. You will leave the practice on the same day with your new, more comfortable smile.

    Sometimes a bridge might be necessary to replace a tooth taking support from the adjacent teeth and after an oral examination the dentist will let you know if you need a crown or a bridge.


    Full mouth rehabilitation also called as full mouth reconstruction often involves multidisciplinary approach to correct the teeth, gums, periodontium, occlusion, aesthetics and the temporomandibular joint problems. They work synergistically together to correct existing problems, protect crucial structures and preserve them for as long as possible.

    The assessment process involves oral record taking, such as X-rays, profile photographs, arch impressions of upper and lower jaws; making models of your teeth out of the impressions and a model of your bite for articulation. Your dentist also decides whether to refer you to specialist (periodontist, orthodontist, oral surgeon) for a consultation to develop a treatment plan that is holistic for you.

    Upon acquiring all the relevant information, dentists at ToothCare WeCare are going to have a meeting with our entire specialist team which includes the hygienist and co-dentists to formulate a comprehensive step by step treatment plan. This plan will be discussed with you to convey the number of options, appointments and pricing.

  • Open from Monday - Friday at 8am to 5pm, Saturdays on appointment only.
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